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Hand Brewed Beers. Estate Grown Wines. Great Food.
There's nothing like a Jarrah Jack's Beer HAND BREWED BEERS - Jarrah Jack's beers are a million miles from the mass produced factory made chemical brews that pass for beer. Our beers are skillfully brewed at our small batch brewery using only the finest natural ingredients and time honoured techniques. When you see the location of our brewery it will be no surprise why many believe we make the most beautiful beers in the country.
Pale Ale Beer Best Bitter Beer Pemberton Ale Beer
Arthur Bunn - a pioneer in the Australian Hop industry by supplying Pemberton grown hops to the Swan Brewery in the early to mid-1900s. It was hard work for Arthur and his loyal workers and he abandoned his hop growing days many years ago but thankfully, it's easier today to enjoy this Mid-Strength Ale.
"Lumberjack Ale" being an easy drinking Australian Pale Ale. Light floral hop and fruity aroma is present on the nose. Its light golden copper colour is achieved with a careful balance of Australian malts. The sweetness at the front of the palate is perfectly balanced with medium bitterness.

A favourite pastime of many a Townie was to poach the freshwater lobster from the local farmer's dam only to scurry away with gunshots ringing in their ears! Far easier and safer to poach this local "Summer Ale", defined by it's crispness and flavour.  
Pale Ale Beer Best Bitter Beer Pemberton Ale Beer
Our Karri-widow maker is on our seasonal tap and can change regularly. Often a Brown ale or another Stout but maybe coming back too many times to check out what's on the seasonal tap might just keep you guessing!
Thirsty work requires a thirst crushing ale and there's no better thirst crusher than a true IPA (Indian Pale Ale) such as the Swinging Axe. American Style IPA with aggressive bitterness and a dry finish.

This Stout is a smooth Dark Ale designed to calm the nerves with its dark malts giving a coffee chocolate sweetness on the front palate and subtle bitterness at the finish.
A boutique brewery set in a picturesque valley vineyard