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Hand Brewed Beers. Estate Grown Wines. Great Food.
There's nothing like a Jarrah Jack's Beer HAND BREWED BEERS - Jarrah Jack's beers are a million miles from the mass produced factory made chemical brews that pass for beer. Our beers are skillfully brewed at our small batch brewery using only the finest natural ingredients and time honoured techniques. When you see the location of our brewery it will be no surprise why many believe we make the most beautiful beers in the country.
Pale Ale Beer Best Bitter Beer Pemberton Ale Beer
A robust and flavoursome beer for those who enjoy crisper, bitter ales. Hand crafted using premium barley malts, classic American hops and imported yeast.This impressive style exhibits a full bodied biscuit-like complex flavour and a refreshingly dry finish. We recommend consuming our Pale Ale within three months of purchase.
Alcohol 4.7% by volume.
This classic brew has been crafted to appeal to beer lovers who enjoy traditional English sessions beers. The palate is highlighted by a delicious crystal malt profile with pronounced toffee notes balanced against strong bitterness. Made using only the finest English grains, hops and ale yeast this beer will appeal to all those who enjoy a true to style English bitter.We recommend consuming this beer within three months of purchase.
Alcohol 3.7% by volume.

An authentic German Kolsch style as brewed in the City of Cologne since the ninth century. This hand crafted ale is brewed from a traditional recipe using the finest imported Perle hops and genuine Kolsch yeast to produce a distinctly hopped style with a refreshing and tangy character.
An effervescent beer that drinks more like a lager than a typical ale, this easy drinking style is soft, clean and delicately dry, yet slightly nutty with subtle lemon notes.
Alcohol 4.9% by volume.
Honey Porter Beer Wheat Beer
Four times a year we brew a special limited-edition beer to celebrate
the season. This Winter we’ve chosen an authentic southern English
Brown Ale that is rich and sweetly balanced on the palate due to
liberal use of chocolate and dark crystal malts and lower amounts of
hops. This hand crafted beer is smooth with a caramel malt aftertaste.
Perfect for anyone who enjoys a less bitter beer.
Alcohol 5.0% by volume.
  Generous use of dark crystal. chocolate and roasted barley malts give this beer a smooth, full body.  An initial honey aroma gives way to deep and malty flavours with hints and smoke and freshly roasted coffee.
The complex palate is balanced against the subtle sweetness of Pemberton karri, marri and wild hop honeys added to the brew after completion of primary fermentation.
Alcohol 5.5% by volume.
A classic refreshingly dry wheat beer, light bodied yet well rounded, and designed for easy drinking. Pale in colour and exhibiting low hop bitterness it has a distinctive cloudy appearance due to the brewing yeast which remains suspended in the finished product.
To enhance the beer’s flavour we recommend gently swirling the last half of the pour to ensure that the yeast fully drains into
the glass.
Alcohol 5.1% by volume.

A boutique brewery set in a picturesque valley vineyard