The beers at Jarrah Jacks are crafted using time tested processes, with the utmost care taken to ensure that the crisp full flavours are a consistent experience from the first taste to the last.

LumberJack - Karri Pale Ale 4.7%

The Lumberjack Axemen played an integral part in the early days of Pemberton's timber industry, up against some of the worlds hardest and biggest trees.

An easy to knockdown Australian Pale Ale with Karri honey aromas and a light bitterness.

Marron Poachers - Wheat Beer 4.7%

A favourite past time of many townies was to poach Marron from the farmer's dams. The freshwater lobster is a true delicacy much like the Marron Poachers Ale

A crisp wheat beer, clove aroma and banana finish.

Arthur's Hop Ale - English Best Bitter 3.2%

Arthur Bunn - A pioneer in the Australian hop industry. He supplied Pemberton grown hops to the Swan Brewery in early to mid 1900's

This is a refreshing, easy to enjoy malty driven and flavourful Mid-Strength ale.

Swinging Axe Ale - Belgian Red Ale 6.8%

A daunting task it would have been to stand beside a massive tree with an axe as your only means of bringing it down. Thirsty work indeed! One task that could only be quenched by an equally big beer.

 A smooth Belgian red with spicy stone fruits and a mild bitterness.

Snake Choppers - London Brown Ale 4.7%

"Bloody Snake!" being the familiar cry often heard as a snake has met it's unfortunate end by the blade of a fast swinging axe.

A London brown with malty biscuits, nutty notes and a minimal bitterness for an unrivaled session style of a darker style ale.

Karri Widowmaker - Seasonal 4.0%

Ever changing and it'll you coming back to see what's new.

Currently a light Kolsch. Banana aromas and a light carbonation make for a highly sessionable treat.